Testimonials from Students:

“Beautiful inside and out! Simone knows what it takes to motivate and inspire her students. She is the perfect mixture of challenging, engaging, supportive and devoted! Through the years spent with her I have grown not only as a singer, but as a person.”

-E. Metcalf

“Not just a brilliant teacher, Simone is an incredible singer too! But there are few teachers as intelligent, funny AND nice as Simone. She will spot your strengths and weaknesses and not make you feel bad about them. She knows a ton about preparation, about different kinds of music, and most important–she enjoys doing it! I’m so lucky to have such a great vocal teacher.”

G. Carr

“Since studying with her from young age, Simone has always encouraged me to take full advantage of my training by approaching each lesson with a focused passion for learning. Her continuous support of my potential and talent has given me the confidence to pursue a career in vocal performance, specifically through education at UNC School of the Arts. By helping me become a driven artist and dedicated, enthusiastic student, Simone has shown me that hard work can create opportunity. I cannot thank her enough for providing me with the knowledge to grow to become a professional musician.”

A. Smith

“Having Simone as my teacher, I was able to make enormous strides vocally. She explained the fundamentals of vocal production in easily understandable terms, and coached me through their execution. Lessons with her were enjoyable and productive, and I learned a lot of new repertoire as well as overall skills. She taught me fundamental German, Italian, and French diction, and with her help I was able to audition successfully at Furman University, where I won a Vocal Performance Scholarship covering half my college tuition.”

A. Hart

“I LOVE Simone!!!!! The best voice teacher I have ever had! She brought me miles in just the 2 short months while I was her student. She made me discover things about my voice I would have never dreamed were possible, and on top of it all she is bubbly, fun, and delightful person to learn from. I will never forget her and plan to return to her lessons for both voice and piano as soon as time and money will allow.”

E. Metcalf

“Since taking lessons with Simone, I am told all the time how powerful my voice is! She taught me how to get the best sound and take care of  my voice.”  

E. Jones

“I want to thank you for your dedication and patience. Although this is short, but it is how I feel about you. Just saying that you are great is not enough. You have given me the tools to use to use and redevelop my voice after a very long time of not singing. It is my passion. You have the talent and understanding to adapt to my style of learning plus encourage and even demand from me that I push myself to be successful. You are more than a teacher–you are my coach and consultant for auditions and roles that I should do.”  

Chris M.

“Simone has worked wonders for my voice. I thanks God that I found her. I was having trouble with my voice cracking and having so little volume no one could hear me. After Simone worked with me, all of that disappeared. I now have a stronger voice, free of cracks and all the volume I could want.”

A. Michael

“Simone proved indispensable to my admission to UNCSA. Her instruction is direct and effective, and avoids esoteric concepts to instead cultivate the intense physicality to be a (damn) good singer.”

J. Brown

“Simone in my opinion, is the best thing that has ever happened to me musically. She was the teacher I needed at the time. Simone has given me the inspiration to go to college and study music. I’m going to Brevard College and have scholarships for music and leadership. Thank you, Simone. P.S. She is dank…of who. (sic).”  

S.J. Gibbs

“I have a great time at my lessons and am enjoying learning how to sing the right way! Thank you so much!”  

Amy F.

“Thank you Simone for all your help and the improvement with my singing talent! Your lessons are amazing and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in a year!”  


Testimonials from Colleagues:

“Knowledgeable, caring, and fun! One of the few teachers in the region trained and truly qualified to teach voice. An excellent teacher AND performer.”

Wendy Jones

Testimonials from Student’s Parents:

“Love Simone! She is a fabulous teacher. Fully versed in all the technical aspects of voice while also providing warmth, support and humor. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  

Tana Flaxman Jencks

“Thank you! Sarah is so happy with her work with you and herself! I could not be more pleased. I must say, the first day I saw you, my heart sang! I just knew I had made the right choice. You are so beautiful! OMG! Thank you!”

Love, D. Kornya

“Many thanks for believing in Kate, being such an inspiration and helping her get accepted to UNCSA!” Hugs!

A. & J. Sorrells
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