Tuition: Beginner and Intermediate Vocalists: Tuition is $260 per month for a one-hour voice lesson each week. Advanced Vocalists (post music degree, semi-professional and professional students): Tuition is $280 per month for a one-hour voice lesson each week. Tuition is the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month. Tuition rates are subject to change at any time. I will not teach lessons during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. Tuition is prorated during this time.

Tuition is due before the first of the month for the upcoming month. If you know you will be missing the last lesson of the month, please remember tuition. I accept Venmo: @Simone-Vigilante, or mail a check made to: Simone Vigilante, P.O. Box 274, Swannanoa, NC 28778. There is a $25 late fee for tuition paid after the 5th of a month. Music is not only my life–it is my living. I expect tuition to be on time as you expect your paycheck to be on time.

In your absence, if you do not pay tuition to retain your time slot, your time will be forfeited to students on my waiting list.

Studio Recital: If the opportunity arises for a studio recital I will request a maximum of $50 per student to cover the cost of venue, professional accompanist, dress rehearsal, recording, reception etc…

Missed Lessons During the School Year (September-May): If I cancel a lesson, you may take a tuition credit ($65 for each hour, advanced students $70 for each hour) or you may choose to make-up the lesson if the schedule allows. If you cancel a lesson, when possible the lesson make-up will be during the fifth week of the month. Regardless of missing one or several lessons for any reason, the make-up will be on the fifth week of a month. Students will not receive tuition credit if he/she misses a lesson.

Missed Lessons During the Summer (June-August): At the time tuition is due, tell me the lessons you will commit to for the month. This will be the number of lessons you will pay for and have during the month. If you need a varying lesson time, or need to come more than once a week, this is more practical.

School Schedule: La Bella Voce Studio of Simone Vigilante is not part of the public or private school system, so I don’t always follow their calendars for holidays and breaks. If you intend to miss for a holiday or break, please let me know in advance. Likewise, I will tell you when I need to miss.

Inclement Weather: Being a native upstate New Yorker (yes, I was raised and learned to drive in the snow-belt), if schools are closed for bad weather, I will usually still be teaching. Please text and/or email me as early as possible if you feel you can’t make it to your lesson.

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